Andrea Sinclair Garden Designer

Passionate about plants and design
A garden designer based in Aberdeenshire

Getting Started
This is our starting point and our very first meeting.

The most important considerations are how will the garden fit into your lifestyle and what is your style preference. We will discuss the project in depth and it is a good chance for both parties to get to know each other. Designers can work closely with clients over extended periods of time so this is the time to discuss what your aim is for your garden, and show us any pictures or ideas that you may have collected.
Onsite Design/Client Consultation
We will have an initial meeting with you, together viewing your garden/site and establishing your requirements.

Together we will discuss and develop ideas and ensure they are functional and cost effective.
This gives the client a chance to meet the designer, prior to deciding if they wish to progress the ideas into an Outline Garden Design.
Outline Concept Design / master outline plan layout - a creative and detailed design is drawn up.
Your detailed outline garden design is an accurate plan with detailed measurements. It will be detailed enough to enable a builder or landscaper to create your garden from scratch.
The following Fees are for Outline Plans and are to be used as a guide because they can vary according to individual design requirements - planting plans are additional, normally about £125.

Cost for garden design:
Small Gardens = £425 - £550
Medium/large  Gardens = £550 - £1100

The above fees include a presentation of plans with generic planting, concept board and explanation of the design.
For more information on all services and prices please click on the Details of all services link - thank you.